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(iPad, current RMS, clamp transducer, Bluetooth)

BlueClamp is the free companion app working with the Motionics Wireless Current Measurement Kit WiClamp , providing an easy way on iPad to wirelessly monitor current RMS values in power line.

With the new update, BlueClamp is able to connect to and read from 3 WiClamps at the same time (contact us if you need more lines). Your iPad now is a wireless multi-line current monitor with both data table and data plot display.

PDF report option is also newly enabled. After each test, users can easily generate test report including test information, machine image, data plot, custom note, GPS location and signature. PDF report can be exported as PDF file via email or wirelessly printed.

This app requires the bluetooth measurement device to test but can be fully tested with all its features in the Simulation of the App.


  • Multiple clamp connectivity up to 3 devices (can be upgraded to 10 devices on request)

  • Real time readings in both tables and plots

  • Max, Min, Average

  • Individual clamp adding/removing during measurement

  • Individual plot control of each clamp

  • Individual clamp calibration and preference setting

  • Simulation mode for demonstration

  • Multiple sampling frequency: 2, 30, 60 seconds/sample

  • Pause/Resume during measurement

  • Data export in CSV file

  • Custom PDF report generation

  • Add company logo and machine image in report

  • Auto populate test date and test results in report

  • User signature and custom note

  • Facility location/map in report

  • PDF report wireless printing and email export


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