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(iPhone, Android, thread, tap, drill, pipe, machinist, cutting, forming)

ThreadKing is the ultimate reference and calculator for threads.

It contains all the information for Metric and UN Taps, Fine/Course Threads, Drill/Tap sizes, Pipe Tap sizes, and Thread Dimension.

ThreadKing is also a handy calculator for finding the right drill size in Cutting Tap and Forming Tap based on Thread Percentage. Besides, it calculates RPM and feed rates in Cutting Tap for different materials.

For iOS users:

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  • Drill/Tap Chart available in drill size standards: Fractional, Letter, Wire Gauge and Metric

  • Course and Fine Thread

  • Pipe Thread Chart

  • Cutting Tap Calculator based on Thread Percentage

  • Forming Tap Calculator based on Thread Percentage

  • Cut Tapping RPM and Feed Rate Calculator: RPM, IPR, IPM

  • Thread Dimension Information: Major Dia, Pitch Dia, Minor Dia, Pitch, Thread Height, Threads per Inch

  • Formula and Equations for Reference


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